Chinese Folk Artist – Lu Shengzhong

“I use paper to cut this little red figure to demonstrate the delicate fragility of human beings. Ephemeral. A human’s life is shorter than a paper’s thickness. The material is not important. What is more important is the process you use to create that material. This is more valuable to me.”  – Lu Shengzhong

Lu Shengzhong is a Chinese artist at the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, who specializes in the ancient Chinese paper cutting.

His most well-known artwork is called “Little Red Figures”, actually, it is an old and traditional technique in China, named paper-cutting, which is used extensively in the folk art of china. The figure, which looks like a little child, is a very common character in Chinese traditional paper cutting, the local people believe this little child can remove the misfortunes so they keep cutting paper of little child, but it is just exist in the countryside far away from the urban. This is an art and traditional culture ignored by artist long time, but Lu find it and recreates it, made it as a formal art and meaningful throughout giving the philosophical and cultural nature.

Folk art is an art of life, from Lu’s artwork, we can feel so close to folk art, it is not a old-fashioned, countryside, low-classical art anymore. It can be used in holidays, festivals, weddings, and funerals, everyone can have one little red figure; everyone can make little red figure, and everyone is the little red figure.

For my project, there are two inspirations, the one is I think I really need to express something about culture in my design, try to find the culture meanings from Chinese folk art, actually, it is not hard, because Chinese folk art related with culture very close. The other thing is I should think about how to make my artwork more related with people’s daily life, I should try to makes it looks like a thing in nowadays.


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